Advising Call-60 Minutes

Before, during or after you listen to the recorded trainings, Rachel Laws is available for personal phone advising 1:1's.  

Book an hour with Rachel Laws and ask all the questions on your mind about starting or operating your new concierge business.  If you're needing some coaching or just a little extra help, Rachel is so happy to help.

Please e-mail your availibility at and you will be added to Rachel's calendar.  Most appointments can be made within two weeks. 

Why would you need personal advising if you have taken some or all of your trainings?

Trainees have questions that are very specific to their own situations.  The classes are geared towards the senior concierge professional generally. You may have very specific questions, concerns, stuck points, brainstorms that you will need to have help moving through.  

What about e-mail, Can I e-mail you my questions?

Absolutely, if that is easier for you.  In order to be able to consider your question carefully and respond appropriately each e-mail is considered a 15 minute advising session. Please pay for an hour in advance and we will keep track of how much time has been utilized via e-mail. Please call or e-mail to ask more about this option. 

Advising Call-60 Minutes

Price: $100.00
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